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Text Box: Who are we?

We are people who get to do what we love to do! We take pictures, we make pictures, we fake pictures, and most important of all, we fix pictures. 

Check out our portfolio to see examples of who we are through our work. You could read some mediocre text about us, or, you can actually see the beautifully crafted pictures our design team has taken, restored, or completely faked.

In short, Jacksoninet.com provides the following services: 

We repair picture.

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If you have a picture of a great grandparent that has been torn and worn to near nothing, let us bring them back to life through the wonders of photo-reconstruction. Have you always wished your children could be in the picture with them? With modern technology, and good old fashion  man hours, we can take from any number of pictures and turn them into one picture.

We take pictures.

Do you have a special occasion that requires the use of a photographer?  We have several exceptional photographers at our disposal. Weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, or just about anything else. We would appreciate the opportunity to share in the event with you and your loved ones.   

We fake pictures.

Have you ever just wanted a picture of you holding hands with your favorite celebrity? Tired of not being able to prove that you "really have been to Hawaii"? Or, do you just want a picture of you actually holding "the one that got away"? With a picture of you, and the virtually unlimited resources we have, we can put you in paradise or holding that 120 lbs. fish. It's all up to your imagination! 

We make pictures.

Sometimes, people want to do something special for someone they love but they just can't think of that perfect gift. Let us help!  We can turn Fido into a cigar smoking, card sharking hound, or make Precious the cat into a southern bell. My favorite one was a picture taken of an iguana dressed like Zorro. We supply the costumes you supply the pet.

Photography: A hobby and a passion.

Here you will find a collage of Randy's amazing sunset pictures.


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